Amelia McMahon


It's often said that there are two main criteria required to do truly great work, to love what you do and to know your "why". Even though real estate can often be an emotional rollercoaster, Amelia loves the challenge and thrives on assisting her clients navigate the perplexity of today's real estate market. As a mother of three, Amelia acknowledges the importance of preparation and planning, both in juggling her own family life whilst working full time, and in setting up her clients properties for a successful sale. A self confessed control freak, she prefers to leave nothing to chance, ensuring that every eventuality is considered in advance, allowing her to adapt and respond quickly and with confidence to anything that occurs during the sale process. A trait which she strongly believes gives her a distinct advantage over less experienced and less fastidious agents. Amelia's care and attention to detail results in her building strong relationships with her clients, most of which last well beyond the buying/selling process as both a friend and trusted advisor. Having spent her entire adult life on the Central Coast, Amelia's market knowledge is second to none, and her extensive network and strong community ties afford her a breadth of exposure for your home that far surpasses the norms of real estate advertising. With these motivations in mind, and her love of the industry, Amelia is well placed to represent your best interests.

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